Monday, June 4, 2012

Our other little one.

Our daughter is settling in nicely to the country way of life and having space to play.
She continues to enjoy dancing and has begun ballet classes, just as my wife dreamt she would someday.

She's quite girly & enjoys putting on impromptu dance events & dressing up. The dancing has a mix of basic ballet moves and belly dancing. She makes us laugh with delight at her ear for music.

Here she dances with Yuko at an event a few months before our son was born.

And the other girls, one of whom had also recently had a beautiful baby girl.

For Xmas we dug up a small tree, potted it and brought it inside for winter. She enjoyed decorating it with her friends.

She speaks both English & Japanese and chooses what books we should read her at night. She's still sleeping with her mama and now her new brother too.

After the 3rd birthday it's traditional for girls to visit a temple wearing a Kimono.
We waited for Sakura season as it's so beautiful that time of year and she wore the very same Kimono my wife had worn for her event when 3 years old made by her mother.
It was fun to walk there amongst locals who all turned to look and say how pretty she looked.
These are the photos of that sweet April afternoon.

She had found this dress at a stall when we were shopping one day and so we had to pay the 1,000 Yen for it and let her bring it with her to her day at the temple.

In an effort to introduce her to other fun things, I've bought her a (Slow!) electric go-cart... which she drives quite well around the block when walking our dog Jenny in the late afternoon. She seems to like it....

Next we'll have to introduce her to bicycles. She still has difficulty pushing pedals it seems...
In time...

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