Monday, June 4, 2012

A large clearing in the forest - all in a day's work!

This clearing was made in a day using a chainsaw and a fire pit (To burn all the brush).
This is an area of our forest below the main garden area (House is on a large hill).

Our plan is to make a pond down there fed by grey water from the house and rain from the roof, which will go via a small wetland to be naturally purified first. This will provide a home for ducks and some small fish, etc. There will be simple stone steps laid after the work's done, so they won't decay over time as wood would...

As we have a lot of very stout Bamboo forest, we're also thinking of making an arbor and a small guest hut, perhaps, or even just somewhere to sit & relax. Some of the trees are enormously tall so what we wanted to create was a clearing where the surroudings are mostly the tall trees. A lot of our forest needs thinning, but one thing at a time.

This isn't a priority project, as there's still other more pressing changes we want to make. It'll never end!

This is the area before Jun & I cleared it.

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