Monday, June 4, 2012

Arnie makes some beautiful doors.

We needed 3 walk through doorways completed. One for the room upstairs, one for the storage beneath the stairs and one for our pantry. Also there was the need for 4 small shoji doors for the storage above our bedroom closet

Arnie measured the sizes he'd need to make, went home and built them in his workshop over around a month's work on and off, since work often needed time for glue to set and laquer & varnish to dry.

He had needed to spend a fair amount of time setting up, but once all done, he made beautifully accurate progress.
The pictures below tell the story from beginning to end.

I'll show these fitted in another post soon.

This picture shows when Arnie was just waiting on custom cut mirrors for the door which will be in the genkan (entrance).

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