Friday, August 8, 2014

Some memories from Summer to end of 2013.... How time flies!

As I came to update the blog today, I've realised it's been almost exactly one year since my last entry. Apologies to those who follow the blog.
Life has a habit of keeping us busy, with family, friends, home, work and everything else that comes with each day - there's rarely time to sit down and write.

We've just begun a 2 week holiday in Shodoshima and as it'll be raining for the next couple of days, this is a good opportunity to catch up here.
Below I'll post some pictures of the kids and ourselves with a little about what we've been up to for fun over the last year. Afterwards I'll add other posts about the various projects we've been working on too.

Last year here in Shodoshima Grandma made a boat for the kids to launch for the Hanabi festival.

The kids have of course grown a little larger and our little one is especially active & inquisitive now.
In September it was my birthday, so our daughter insisted I wear a crown she'd made with Mama for me. This may become a family tradition hence fourth.

These were taken during lunch with friends in September last year.

At the end of October my mum came to visit for 3 months & in early November we had a BBQ whilst some friends came to stay for the weekend. The weather gets cooler around the beginning of October as the seasons go into winter and so the colours of the garden change as plants become dormant.

Friends made new friends.

Enjoying the BBQ

Belly Dance Friends - both who had their weddings this year!

Our daughter & her young friend enjoyed dressing up.

Group Pic!

Off on 2/4 wheels!

Our daughter had a joint birthday party with a boy from her school. Girls always like to dress up, ha!

Fun was had by all.

Ready to sing...

Blowing out candles!

Shortly after, in November her kindergarten had a festival. Most of the parents performed in some way. Here some mothers play traditional Taikyu Drums.

A group picture.

Belly dancing is a speciality by my wife. The young boys giggled at seeing some cleavage. I think that's healthy.

Our daughter also likes ballet. She started at around 3 years old.

Practicing for a show...

We took the kids to a children's park in December. The weather in Japan is usually crisp, bright & pleasant in winter.

The little guy still less than 2 years old still needed help to get up there... and down.

But he could already drive. There is already no doubt he likes cars & anything that can carry him!

We took a train ride together.

Bye Bye Mama!

We visited a nearby temple on the same afternoon, whose monk is the father of one of the children at our daughter's kindergarten.

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