Saturday, August 9, 2014

Arnie replaces & repairs old facades of the house's external walls.

For the last 5 months or so Arnie (our carpenter friend) has been helping us around 2 days per week, steadily completing repairs and improvements wherever there is a need.
One of the jobs has been to go around the perimeter of the house and continue replacing old wooden cladding, with new & repairing the previously damaged white cladding above the wood.

For the toilet and intended shower / changing room, we wanted the walls to not just be renewed, but insulated too, complete with plenty of creosote to ward off insects from nesting inside the walls, as they have been for quite some time! In the first year we moved in, there was a hornet's nest within the walls of the toilet, which made for some entertainment each time we flushed the toilet. That first year I learnt how to get rid of a wasp / hornet's nest using a compressed canister full of soapy water...

These three pictures show where Arnie removed the horrible old corrugated iron cladding and replacing it with pretty & new Sugi (Cedar) cladding, much like in other areas where he's rebuilt the walls.

The window grilles shown above and below are actually no longer there now, since we replaced the old & draughty wooden window frames with double glazed aluminium framed ones instead.

The pictures below show the cladding outside the kitchen which hadn't yet been replaced, probably well over 100 years old and quite fragile.

Arnie also repaired all the cracked off original plaster fa├žade at the side & front of the building, with the same material as originally used.
Now the house looks a lot better as we approach it, although it'll benefit from a coat of fresh white paint on these facades when I find the time to do some work on it.

Will update this post with better pics soon and again once I have painted it all, soonish - hopefully, before winter sets in.

There is still other work to do. Before winter I'd like to replace the front doors & windows to the room upstairs with aluminium framed double glazed glass. Later on, all the glass doors around the perimeter of the house too - with aluminium double glazed items, similar to what we've had fitted to the front of the house and more recently the bathroom, but this is going to take at least another year or so... Yet another project in the works.

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