Monday, October 10, 2011

Preparing Japanese Cedar planks for the remaining ceilings.

After having finished the dining room ceilings, Arnie & Shinobu got onto the job of preparing the ceiling boards for the central lounge and guest room ceiling upstairs.

This is an involved and time consuming job, starting from raw planks of Sugi.
First off they planed each board several times, till the finish was acceptable.

Then each board was sanded down to smooth any imperfections, with the edges bevelled and channels routed into each board for splines to fit between.

Each board was then inspected and knot holes / imperfections filled with black caulking, so they wouldn't come out later, nor look unsightly when finished.

Mahogany coloured stain was applied at this time, dried then finished with a coat of sellac. Took about a week to get all this work done. Monotinous stuff, but they trooped through it. Now finally we're getting to stages of less sawdust production!

The ceiling of the central lounge will be finished tommorow and they'll move onto the guest room thereafter.

Once the ceilings are done, electrical wiring can be installed before plaster boarding of walls can be done. Thereafter it'll be my job to eco-wall. Arnie & Shinobu may need to do the flooring...

We're in a race against time these last few weeks. Still need to finish wallpapering the ceilings & walls in the kitchen too!

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