Monday, October 10, 2011

Children's room gets plastered and flooring is completed.

Progress is coming a lot faster now as I sense urgency in completing. We plan to move at the end of October, so there's more pressure on!

I've been burning the midnight oil.

I started off by sanding down the beams and staining very dark, before Arnie applied a couple of coats of sellac.

In the meantime I fitted the light switches. 4 controls for various lights, although there's only LED spotlights currently fitted. One switch controls some of the wall sockets for table & floor lamps. The two remaining controls will be for e centrally mounted pendant light and one other light such as for pictures, or even a loft light for upstairs...

After masking, plastering took me just one evening to complete but I used up much more eco-wall material, as I wanted to make it thicker and smoother since it's where children are most likely to havoc damage!

Next I spent a late night (Till 5am!) laying oak flooring. I could tell I was getting tired towards the end as I begun to make mistakes on cutting lengths accurately, but we're talking milimetres so I just laid the boards knowing nobody else would notice except me!

Before leaving for the 1st weekend of October to return to Shizuoka, I stained the floor, so it would have plenty of time to dry before the 1st coat of sealing varnish early the following week.

Last Saturday, to finish off my week's contribution to work, I varnished the floor a second time. It's still wet in these pictures.

We've not yet re-fitted Shoji doors as the wood the rails will run on needed to be finished with Polyeurethane varnish first. There's just two more light sandings, then two coats of varnish I want to add this coming week, then doors can go on and it'll be a pretty much completed room, except for building a wardrobe and that big round framed window into the lounge, but that'll have to come after we've moved in.
For the time being Arina will need to use a chest of drawers instead!

The final wall & round window can be made by Arnie at home and fitted in with minimised disturbance later on.

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