Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unit sizes of houses are Tsubo, which equals the space 1 Japanese tatami mat takes up ( Approx 3.2m2). The property has about 4,000 Tsubo It’s in Sanmu-Shi, not too far from Narita (Not under flight path so no sound pollution problems) and 20 mins from the pacific ocean. It’s 4km from the Togane highway which will be joined by a new highway to connect it to the Aqualine in around 18 months time. A JR train station is only 1 km away. The property is located at the end of a quiet road, so no traffic going by – and only one neighbour. There's lots of parking for visitors on our own driveway (10+ cars) with more space past the gate. Our only immediate neighbour is at least 200m away from the house. Location is good.

The property has with 12,400sq metres of land (over 3 acres) including forest and flat lands with the possibility of building on most of the land (It’s not designated farm land in other words, most of the land can be built on, which is good in investment terms). Land tax is inexpensive, since the local govermment considers such an old house to have negligible value, with only the land with it's building rights retaining value consistently. So this is an inexpensive way to own a lot of land.

The overgrown bamboo next to our driveway:

The images below are from the real estate agent's website.

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