Thursday, February 17, 2011

Only in the last 10 years have old traditional Kominkas started to come on the market, as traditionally these homes were passed down to younger generations, kept in the family & never sold (This is one reason it’s been so hard to find places in Shizuoka of this nature). This house is a rarity not just for it’s age but also the large relatively flat land (Most country homes of this nature in Chiba we’ve seen seem to have mountain land, which isn’t always useful). Without any doubt in my mind this was definitely a better investment for us than a new build, which neither of us were keen on. We prefer the charms of old homes – unrestored, so it’s cheaper of course, but also gives us the freedom to make it just as we want whilst allowing us to take time to find the best solutions.

I'm staggered that most Japanese people don't seem to realise how much more value for money & quality of life there can be in traditional kominka than modern buildings that go up in 3 months and typically last 40 years before needing to be torn down & replaced!

Check this site for inspring ideas on kominka restoration / improvement! Kominka Saise Network.

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