Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Making firewood & Bringing down an eyesore.

A close friend who visits us often & has a good eye for aesthetics made a suggestion a few weeks ago, that we should think about demolishing an ugly wood shed that was very delapidated.
With our young friend Jun working on the land each week, it seemed like a good idea!

First off I got him to demolish and old out-house, so he'd get practice in breaking down a small building first, then after moving cars stored around it, he got on with bringing down the wood shed. The beams & pilars that had made the structure were still good, so these were cut using our chainsaw and stacked on another pile as ready-dried fuel for our stove. At the same time this solved the problem that we had been going through wood rather fast - as we now had enough to keep us warm well into Spring!

Here it is in all it's (lack of!) glory.

The first part was removing the roof, which put a lot of dust in the air from the bark that had been drying under rusted sheet steel for over 50 years.

The structure was interesting as it was all notched together with no use of nails, although some had been pounded in over the years presumably to hold things up.

This is what it looked like shortly before I took the chainsaw to it.

Now there's nothing there, so it'll be space for parking cars that are stored, until we make a proper hard-standing for cars in the forest behind the house, but that may be some years away.
The plan is to eventually take apart, move & rebuild the storage barn that is opposite the house, as a small guest house, but this is a project still some years away!

Meanwhile, Jun has been working on clearing yet more land to grow vegetables on, so the vegetable patch area in the picture below is to also be enlarged.

It's fun to record these pictures, as someday when the guest house is made and complimented by cherry blossoms and red maple, we'll be able to look back at how it all started and smile.
Well, that's the idea but time will tell...

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