Saturday, September 17, 2011

Children's room is nearing completion - to be finished around end of September.

Originally the wall between the master & children's bedroom was wattle & daub with bamboo re-inforcement. We didn't want to keep such walls as replacement is a major mess if they break and pictures can't be hung on them (Consequently almost all wattle & daub walls have been or will be replaced with framing and 12mm thick plaster board)

And below is now:

About 6 of the ceiling beams were replaced due to having had varying degrees of old wood worm damage. Fortunately we had spares from the low ceiling that used to be in the 2nd lounge. There were some damaged slats too and new ones were cut and fitted before Shinobu stained all and applied a coat of sellac. The 11mm plywood ceiling was first cut so joints would always be concealed, then once all sized correctly, removed and covered with textured wallpaper before being carefully laid and screwed into place.

Arnie & Shinobu then installed all new wiring in conduit, closed up walls and filled imperfections caused by screw heads, etc.

As it's quite a dark room without any direct sunlight at all, only shade through the day we've installed wiring for 4 types of light to give a choice of moods: 8 x LED dimable spotlights, 1 x dimmable pendant light, 3 corner wall receptacles to control a choice of dimmable table or floor light(s) and picture frame light(s).

Last week Arnie glued 3 lengths of pine together side by side before routing them to make a replacement upper channel for one of the garden facing sliding doors. This week he's going to replace a couple of the floor guides.

This coming week I expect to spend a late evening or two applying Eco-Wall cream coloured plaster, before getting on with the time consuming job of laying oak flooring during several evenings and some daytime as work allows me time out.

We decided not to keep the God-box, as mentioned before for lack of space and the fact it would block too much light. Instead as it's a square space Arnie will be making a round shoji window similar to this:

Behind it can be a place for a small study. This way the children can be working on whatever project they're concentrating on whilst being able to gaze through the glass doors to the garden and it also allows a passage for heat from the intended centralised wood burning stove fitted in front of the adjacent wall.

At the corner of the 2nd lounge and dining room there will be an L-shaped fitted wardrobe where part of it will be hidden recesses for the house's centralised audio equipment and CD collection. For now we'll leave this as there are other rooms to be finished in time for our planned move at the end of October.

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