Saturday, August 20, 2011

More plywood Floors.

Once they'd finished doing the exterior, Arnie & Shinobu replaced the few worm eaten planks, laid plastic sheeting then shimmed and laid underflooring for the dining room and children's bedroom.

Whilst they were doing the dining room we noticed the underside / entrance to kitchen had been rebuilt / restored - probably about 20 years ago. Still strong, so it'll make a goo base for tiling when we re-engineer the kitchen in the next year or two.

Under the floor planks are thick half sections of trees which are still perfectly solid a couple of centuries after being laid.

Looking from the childen's bedroom across to the master bedroom and 1st lounge to the left.
A lot has changed since this picture was taken. See the master bedroom post.

The picture below shows the flooring that is (now) fully laid above the main entrance, for the 23 tatami guest room upstairs. The ply is cut so the joints sit directly above wooden beams, so there's no visible joints. The idea is for the plywood to be covered with textured cream coloured wallpaper and screwed into place. This will hold the paper in place well for years and should it ever need to be replaced, the boards can be individually removable after taking out securing screws. In the centre of the floor is an easily removable section, with a large beam overhead, to which a pulley system can be attached. Useful for lifting heavy furniture through without needing to negotiate the staircase and doorway (See subsequent post).

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