Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Sunday we spent the afternoon watching a very important film (Which is available with Japanese subtitles). It analyses & explains the damage Globalisation is doing to our environment and offers solutions in the form of Localisation.

One of the most important & well researched films I've seen recently.

More information / where to order a copy from: The Economics of Happiness

Vandana Shiva has spent over 3 dacades examining the problems with modern industrial agricultural methods and the damage they are creating worldwide.

If you don't watch the Economics of Happiness and you care about the future then at the very least spend 17 minutes watching this speech by Vandana Shiva.

Here Vandana Shiva she clearly explains four kinds of seeds – open pollination, green revolution varieties, hybrid varieties and GM seeds. This distinction is fundamentally important to understand the arguments against genetic engineering. She also describes how the cost of GM seeds and pesticide use soar astronomically, which are major factors behind the indebtedness and consequent suicide of farmers. (Kindly excuse the poor lighting conditions in the room, which is more than made up by Dr Shiva’s articulate discourse)

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